With our technology we are disrupting the future of logistics.

We are a Logistics Technology Company that provides end-to-end logistics services for companies and a stable source of income and benefits for carriers and drivers.

At Quick, we never stop dreaming big and working tirelessly to transform logistics and build a more connected and agile future for everyone.

Join our mission and be part of the next logistics revolution!

Our Quick Team

Rogelio Gil

Chief Financial

Julián Caviedes


John Caviedes


David Pineda

Vp Operations

Luis Cantuarias

Country Manager

Pamela Castro

Country Manager

Sergio Ramirez

Country Manager

Erika Gonzalez

Country Manager

Claudia Durán

Inland Freight Miami Manager

Diego Clavijo

Global and Freight Forwarder Manager

Jean Osorio

Operations Mexico Manager

James Carvajal

Supply Colombia Manager

Jorge Martinez

Last Mile Colombia Manager

Paloma Calderon

Chief Marketing

Juan Ariza

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ederson Charry

Chief Technology

Yenny Gómez

Chief Legal

Our history

In 2014, two brothers who were passionate about technology realized that logistics was a very traditional industry, everything was done manually and the business was totally undervalued.


However, at that time, logistics was really important to people’s lives. Think about it, everything around, is there, because of logistics: The chairs you are sitting on, the laptop you are reading on, the smartphones in your pockets, the food you are going to eat, everything, everything must be moved or transported by logistics.


For this reason, they challenged themselves to acquire 100% of a traditional transport company and start a revolution in the pickup and delivery industry.


From the beginning, the vision was totally clear: to print technological innovation in the DNA of the company. We hire a team of software developers to create our own mobile platforms and applications.


At the end of the day, history confirmed that they were right. Today Quick is one of the Top-of-Mind technology and logistics-based companies that is disrupting the future of logistics, helping companies deliver products to their customers faster and in a more efficiently way.


In November 2015 we launched our first version of the platform called: “Enterprise SmartQuick”. This revolutionary digital solution was pioneered for routing in urban distribution logistics processes for large cities, with advanced real time monitoring, control and tracking functions. It was a milestone that allowed us to anticipate logistics market demands.


From 2016 until now, we have been working developing algorithms that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for: vehicle and load optimization, route planning, georeferencing address, zoning, control of deliveries and taking digital evidence in real time, everything to improve the logistics process.


In 2017, we introduced our “OnDemand” platform, focused on last mile deliveries and Gig economy. We promised our customers speed, accuracy and instant traceability on every delivery and we achieved that dream. Today, thousands of curriers are connected with their smartphones, delivering products to the final consumers on behalf of our clients.


In 2018 we opened our own multi-client facility and started with a great value logistics service for Storage, 3PL complex operations and fulfillment for e-commerce. We went further than anyone imagined and bring logistics to the next level.


2019 was a year of strategic expansion. By opening offices in Mexico and expanding our portfolio with and Ocean and Air shipping services, Quick became a trusted name for moving merchandise to and from any corner of the planet. Our vision was becoming reality.


In 2020, despite the pandemic we experienced impressive growth. In that year we integrated our technology to offer inland transportation services, and also, we opened our office in Chile.


2021 was a milestone for Quick, when we opened our first Miami office in Florida, United States. From here, we think big and plan to achieve the American Dream. From here we start to offer neutral air and ocean transport services representing and giving support to hundreds of Freight Forwarders in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.


The year 2022 brought us a new and interesting opportunity when we decided to acquire a renowned transportation company in Florida, United States. It was the most strategic move we had ever made. Now as carriers we offer FTL, LTL, Drayage and Airport Transfer services throughout the United States, guaranteeing speed and the best services to our clients.


In 2023 our clients to book ground transportation services by connecting them with hundreds of the best carriers and transporter in the United States. Getting all the benefits of digitalization: faster quotes, online statistics, digital evidence, POD & Billing in real time, etc.

What’s next?

We will continue working with our team of developers in an even better platform. In the coming months we will update our software to improve our app for drivers, they will see in real time their earnings so they could use our app as a wallet that provides a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

That is our commitment, that is what we have been working to add more value to our digital offer in the countries where we are operating: United States, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

Our Values

Human quality

We are passionate about logistics, making us your best choice. We offer customized solutions that adapt to your specific needs.

Good location and infrastructure

We boast our own warehouse and a robust infrastructura at your disposal, ensuring seamless efficiency for all your operations

Vehicles available

We hace a fleet of our own vehicles to ensure permanent availability with inmediate deliveries and pickups

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